Gold Cross ID Cards

Ausweis “Der Deutschen Mutter”
(ID Card “The German Mother”)

ID Card that came with the Mothercross.

How and when to wear the Mothercross was written on the “Information Card” (Merkblatt) that came separately with the Mothercross, but was also printed on the back of the ID Card (Ausweis)

Below a “loose” translation of the back of the ID Card:

When is the Mothercross worn?

The Mothercross can be worn on all holidays. (e.g. 1St of Mai – Harvest Festival – The Fuhrer”s (Adolf Hitler) Birthday – Fallen commemoration day (like Easter) – Pentecost (White Sunday) – Christmas. It is also allowed to wear the Mothecross during Family events, Weddings, Funerals and so on.

How is the Mothercross worn?

The Mothercross can only be worn in combination with “formal wear” and can only be worn on it’s original blue-white ribbon around the neck. It is not allowed to wear the Mothercross on any other necklace. (chain)

In which other way is the cross allowed to be worn?

For daily wearing of the cross it is allowed to wear a blue-white ribbon with a miniature Mothercross or just the blue-white ribbon. (these can be acquired in specific shops)

What is not allowed?
It is now allowed to wear the Mothercross on a chain or as brooch. Wearing the Mothercross in combination with day to day clothes (work outfit) is also not allowed.

She who wears the “normal size” Mothercross daily, should wear the Mothercross miniature instead. The miniature Mothercross on blue-white ribbon is for daily wear. (workdays)

Date of issue: May 21st. 1st. 1939.